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Installing AMD Pro Drivers with --headless on CentOS

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I thought I'd share my experience with this, being what a MAJOR pain it was for me. Maybe I can save someone else the trouble.

So here's the issue. I have a Quadro M4000 that I want to use as display, and a Vega FE I want to use for compute (please, don't ask why I have an AMD card, I have my reasons and I've been pretty pretty happy with it).

AMD Pro drivers allow you to install in "headless" mode, which will only install the OpenCL drivers. So this is pretty great. I can use my Quadro for display, and I can use my AMD for compute.

Only. No. The DKMS module fails every single frickin' time, and you'll find online all these crazy, often version-specific patches and fixes.

But the solution is actually pretty simple. Just install ROCm first, get that running, and then install the AMD Pro Driver with the --opencl=pal,legacy --headless flags. It will now install without any errors.

I am not sure if the card is running under ROCm or not, or how all that works. However, ROCm alone is not fully compatible with Houdini, and returns an incorrect data type in the FLIP solver. Installing the AMD drivers after first installing ROCm does not have this same behaviour. I am not sure if it is safe to remove ROCm at this point. Since I have this up and running, I really don't want to mess with anything.

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