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Blending between RBD and initial state


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I was playing with the new MOPS nodes and ran into some issues. I don't have much experience getting down and dirty with constraints or combining different solvers but got 85% there.

I was able to create a constraint network using the MOPS-created points so it was essentially motion graphics with collisions. Once the animation was finished I tried use primitive intrinsics to get the position and rotation back to the initial state. Didn't work, it does some weird scaling thing before going to the correct position.

What's the best way to go about this? I'd assume using some sort of blend solver? I looked into the copy solver but this being packed primitives didn't affect it.

I've attached a simply mock up of what I'm trying to do, just need to stop end movement and rotation somehow.

Thanks! It's 2am so I'm giving up.


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You can use the MOPs Apply Attributes and MOPs Extract Attributes nodes to get the nodes back to their original states, as long as the i@id attribute is still in place. MOPs Extract Attributes will convert intrinsics into point attributes that can be used by Apply Attributes. I'm attaching an example file; the strength of the return to the initial state is determined by an animated MOPs Shape Falloff, but you could use any falloff for this.


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