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Menu Script consistency

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I've done an asset that lets the user select a mapped network drive

The menu is populated by script, and everything is file and dandy

The problem arises when another user opens the scene or the scene gets submitted to our renderfarm

If the other machine doesn't have the same drives mapped the selection gets scrambled

I thought this wouldn't be an issue since they are stored as keys and values, and if i save the scene in text format, i can see that it has stored the key that is set rather than the index of the current selection.

But nonetheless, if i have my mapped drives "P" and "Q", and save it set to "P", and another user opens the scene that only has "Q" mapped, the selection in the interface will be set to "Q", apparently matching the selected index of selection.

Is there a way to fix this?



Jonas Borgman

Ubisoft Massive

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The menu script gets evaluated every time and so if you have an inconsistency between users/machines, you have to deal with it at the script level. There are also two types of menu: a string type menu and an ordered menu. I believe if you set it to a string type it will preserve its value.

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Totally forgot i started this thread a long while ago.. But thanks a bunch!

The string parm menu totally did the trick, never knew it existed.

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