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OpenGL Vertex Cache

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Please, do you know how to utilize the GPU OpenGL Vertex Cache? I use it for fast realtime SOP viewport previews. It is much faster then the Cache SOP, but I use Alembic as a disk cache, so it is usually a dead end. Any tips how to utilize GPU Vertex Cache without .abc are highly appreciated! An example of speed comparison, the scene is attached:

Cache SOP ~ 25 fps
OpenGL Vertex Cache ~ 45 fps
OpenGL Vertex Cache, point cloud  ~90 fps

(I have also raised Max allowed size of Vertex Cache in the Cache Manager to get these results)


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I got an answer from SideFX (twod) so I just repost it here:

You can't use it directly. Packed Alembic and Packed Disk Primitives/Sequences can cache geometry there, and all currently displayed geometry will use the cache until it's deleted. But there's no way to manually cache things.

With HScript we may set the memory limits:

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