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Flowbox 1.7 from Houdini user perspective

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Hi guys!

My name is Wojciech Danilo and I'm one of the early founders of ( https://flowbox.io ), a node based VFX platform allowing for the fastest totoscoping and compositing workflow on the market. If you like Houdini, you should fell in love with the ideology here. Seriously, check out the video:


Prior starting Flowbox I've been working for years as senior TD in various motion pictures studios across Europe and was visiting my lovely odforce forum everyday. Right now I'm spending here much less time and tbh, I'm missing you guys a little bit, or maybe more than just a little bit :D . But putting aside my personal feelings, I'd love to ask you guys for a small help and would be very, very thankful for it. I'm not longer full-time involved in this project (I'm running https://luna-lang.org ), but I love the guys behind Flowbox and I admire their passion to deliver the best tool on the market.

They've just released Flowbox 1.7, and its a big release, with integrated Mocha Planar Tacker, a new curve editing tools combining B-splines and Beziers together and a ton of other tools (again, check out the above video).

Mikolaj Valencia (Flowbox's CEO) together with Carlos Conceicao (Road To Comp) will have a live facebook webinar tomorrow, so if you are interested in Flowbox technology, its future development or would like to ask us some questions, please join us there. It would be more than awesome to have you guys with us :) 

Webinar: 14 of August at 9 PM (WEST time) (1 pm PDT | 4 pm EDT | 10 pm CEST | 1:30 am IST | 3 am CST)https://web.facebook.com/events/666426783714447/


And of course in case of any questions, I'd love to answer them here as well! :)

PS: We've just started a Flowbox discord chat channel here. You are very, very welcome: https://discordapp.com/invite/c7AF6T?utm_source=Discord Widget&utm_medium=Connect


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