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houdini install network v local


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This is a houdini question but also a slightly more general question as well

I have been working at large companies for the past few years as an artist/some pipeline, and have since moved to a small one. They are running software locally....houdini, maya etc

and are having the usual trouble, having to run around to each machine when updates are needed.

In larger companies we had a disk image that we pushed out on boot to the artists local machines and render farm.

However Im pretty sure the application binaries were central on a server ,and not pushed out locally with the image, I dont think the image contained much in the way of the actual applications.

If I remember right we would source server based binaries  and then I guess we were running an instance of houdini locally.

Does this sounds correct/possible

also, is there a significant hit on the network (i dont remember there ever being) from sourcing binaries from a server

also, new studio is (shudder) windows, is this setup possible on windows

and i guess we need a licence server as well?

thanks in advance




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Hey Guys,

Amazingly enough I found a sysadmin for VFX forum. I posted there, and got replies (although the repliers split the thread a few times).

Anyhow if you are interested look here


under the threads called

Basic network versus local software deployment ques...



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