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Creating a polygon surface from a polyline grid

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This feels like it's a probably embarrassingly simple answer, but I'm still new to Houdini and it's not obvious to me.

I've got a spiral grid of points connected by lines (polygons?) that I want to have as a normal mesh, so I can extrude faces etc. The closest I've gotten to what I want is with a Triangulate2D, but that adds all of the additional triangles I'm trying to avoid instead of maintaining the nice quads I have now.

Polyfill/polycap/polybridge/skin don't seem to do what I'm looking for either.

What's the usual approach here?




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Well I seem to have figured it out, but it doesn't feel elegant. I made an edge group, then used a triangulate2d, the another edge group, then used a group combine to subtract them, then a dissolve sop to delete the difference group edges. Using a delete sop seemed to delete everything but the dissolve worked.

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