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Rotational Constraints for Cloth (Update)

Justin K

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Hello all,

Is there any way to constrain the rotation of a cloth object as well as its position?  

I am attaching three cloth objects to a wire solver-the cloth objects are small and shaped like leaves- a bit rigid form wise.  They are being attached a branch coming off a stem.  The wire and cloth objects are each being controlled by their respective solvers, and the relationship between the objects is set to constraint only (on the merge node).  For the actual constraints, I am using the cloth stitch constraint (under the hood just a position constrain relationship-- with the crucial SBD relationship as well).     I am just using the pivot point of the leaf to constrain each leaf to the perspective point on the wire.  The solve is actually stable, the clothstitch constraint works really well to constrain the cloth objects to the wire, however this is position only--in fact all the SBD constraint systems seem to be position based only.  A traditional rotation anchor is not recognized by the two parties here.  Is there a way around this?  

Perhaps I could do something on a sop solver level if need be.....

Ive uploaded a file.


Thank you!




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Just an update here--been working through the kinks --it seems the best way to accomplish what Im looking for is not within the context of the cloth constraints--but the wire solver area--

if you constrain the center of the leave cloth object to a wire object running along it (a series of constraints along its length), then the main animation of the leaf is controlled by the wire object skeleton itself.   

Works decently enough at this point--though the new rest position of the leaves is slightly different orientation wise than when the sim starts--which is expected and okay for my purposes.  


Im going to dump a fluid on the top of this now and see if I can combine flip as well.  B)

Here is the file as of now.  



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