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eval() and menu items


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Hi All

I'm pretty fresh to creating HDA's, so I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. However getting some strange behavior in a previously working asset. 

I'm querying a menu to see what menu item is selected with:

def menuUpdate(node):

    selection = node.parm("menu1").eval()
    #correctly defines value for selection variable but also sets the menu items for "menu2" to "menu1"
    print selection
    # prints as expected
    #below is ignored.
    menu = [5,5,6,6]
    return menu

Which I'm calling using:

node = kwargs["node"]
menuStuff =  node.hdaModule().menuUpdate(node)
print menuStuff # returns expected [5,5,6,6]
return menuStuff # has no effect 

The essentially, the menu items of menu2 are being set when I run node.parm("menu1").eval() to the same menu items of menu1. It still returns the correct value for selection, however the values that I return for menu2 are ignored. Any insight on why this is would be appreciated. 


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