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Adding velocity from normals in H17 Pyro


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What's the proper way of adding velocity from normals in H17s Pyro workflow. Should I use the Point Velocity node in SOPs and merge in before Volume Rasterize Attributes? If I feed build a velocity volume in the Pyro Source it becomes a renderable volume. It didn't use to in earlier versions, right?


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Hmm...not entirely sure if I properly understand your question. You can still use Volume Source to feed in any velocity field into your sim.

Create a Source Volume, set it to Initialize > Source Fuel and do away with the fuel and temperature fields inside the Volumes tab (hit the small x), leaving you with just velocity. Make sure the "Velocity from Normals " field you created in SOPs is properly connected to this new Volume Source (SOP Path/Input) and plug the Volume Source into the third input of your pyrosolver. That should work fine.


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