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Converting Shop_vm_surface To Vm_surface


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Does anyone have a script or other bit of hackery to convert shop_vm_surface to vm_surface?

Here's my situation: I got a .geo file and a .hip file that has all the right shaders in it and everything renders fine, but I would like to use the "Render from file" option on the object instead of a file SOP. It works much faster in my render farm to do that. The problem is that if I use "Render from file", there aren't any parameters in the Mantra ROP to make it see the shaders correctly. So I did a test and if the .geo is using the vm_surface attribute instead of shop_vm_surface, it renders fine.

I can't go back to the .hip file that created the .geo in the first place and change the switch in the Shader SOP, though that would work.

Any ideas?

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It doesn't sound like you're using instances where you might want a different shader setting per instance (and so be forced to use your own per-point vm_surface attribute). If this is the case, then you *should* be able to just use a shop reference (shop_vm_surface). There's an important detail for this to work though: you have to make sure that all shops are declared in the IFD:

MantraROP > Specific > Shop References = "Declare all SHOPs"

Otherwise it won't get resolved. If you're submitting to a farm and using hscript, then you would:

opparm /out/MyMantraROP ray_shop ( all )


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Well, it must have been due to the fact that I was trying this at 1:00am, but the Declare All SHOPs seems to work just fine.

Of course, I did write myself a little script that changes shop_vm_surface into vm_surface.

I didn't make it completely useable, in that you have to go into the script and edit /obj/geo1/shopnet1 to the name of whatever path to your shopnet is. But other than that, it seems to work pretty well.



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