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Hello everyone,

I'm a noob to this site and a mediocre houdini user. I have a freelance gig for a smoke effect and this is pretty much the description is as follow: Basically does anyone know how to import the logo to birth particles from it. I guess I want to birth the particles of a texture which in turn will be the logo. Anyone?


All elements over transparency.

Smoke fades in and lingers in horizonal lines

Smoke line then form the logo and the "propane studio" parts of logo.

The "visual communications will then fade in without morph - we can do this

in flash outside of your video effect.

No repeat.

Total time of clip 3 seconds.

Please have all questions in email format before 6pm, after you can call


Good luck!!! And thanks - N

THanks for the help to you all....:)


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I am not an expert, but maybe you should try doing it in 2d app like after eff, or digital fusion, I saw a friend of mine doing pretty cool smoke transformations like the one you mentioned, and it may be easier than using houdini... but, BUT, if you're still "houdini determined" pretty cool way of using images to generate geometry is using the traceSOP, I tried it with some of my drawings and it works very straightforward, you import the drawing and and tweak the options. I supose that after that you can build a network to do what you need. But someone else will have to explain that...

Sorry, but I cannot help more, as my houdini experience is also very young :)

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