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Mastering Destruction And FX In Houdini Workshop

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We're very excited to present to you the promo video for the Mastering Destruction And FX Workshop.
This workshop will cover in-depth all aspects related to creating highend destruction shot .
Once the simulation is ready we will dive into lighting, shading and rendering the various elements and start compositing in nuke to produce the final shot.
We have bonus content to explain rendering using mantra and redshift.
We will be providing the student with a destruction ready building along with various animations that they can use for their assignments.
Everything was created using Houdini 17.

Workshop Link

This workshop and the promo video is a team effort and we want to thank everyone involved in the making.
Saber Jlassi, Igor Zanic, Urban Bradesko, Chun Yong, Ibrahim Hindawi

Please let us know if you have any questions.


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