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Under the ocean render

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I've been trying to render this scene but it is over my head when it comes to render the ocean from a bottom view.

How'd you go about rendering this ?

I have the standard small ocean preset created, created a simple hdr and fliped it. I also tried reversing the normals from the render grid so the displacement goes the other way around.

Someone can give me a headsup ?

Found this example aswell


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We did this in a commercial a while ago.

Use an ocean surface with displacement etc for the top and have some light refract right through it.

For the murkyness below, you might get away with volumes or VDBs and some noise (like curl noise inside a Volume VOP), maybe three different depths depending on camera distance, and some particles driven by a dampned, heavy smoke sim, also a couple of layers with different noises. That should be pretty much it.

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