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Alembic Scene Assembly (Houdini-to-Katana)

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Hey gang,

I am confused about best practices with exporting entire scenes from Houdini.

I noticed that if I use File-Export-Alembic to export my entire scene to Alembic all of my top-level nodes that are just an alembic import SOP are imported fine... although their groups are renamed to something like "alembic_1_1" or something crazy.

Whereas all of my top-level nodes that consist of an alembic import SOP and an convert SOP are not imported fine -- they are listed in the scene graph but are not drawn in the viewer.  However they do retain their original group names like "DirtyMetal" etc.

How can I get the best of both worlds?  I want to both see my geometry in the viewer and also have the original group names.

The only clue I have is that in the former case when I middle-mouse click it tells me I have an "Alembic Packed Geometry".  How do I convert from polygon to "Alembic Packed Geometry"?  I don't see that option in the convert SOP.

Alternatively, is this a dumb workflow?  Is there a more feature-rich way to do this than File-Export-Alembic?  Part of me wants to give up and install the USD plugin for the Houdini-to-Katana transfer but I'd really like to figure out what I am doing wrong.

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