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H17: node Information, wasted UI space


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Hey All,

Moving to H17 has been great so far,
including a lot of the UI improvements that came in both H16.5 and H17

One thing does annoy me though,
is the node information (or middlemouse button) of nodes with errors.

Is there any way to get rid of this unused space in the UI?
I don't really want to have to scroll down in the error message to read it,
or to screenshot it, when I need to notify colleagues.
(and if you use middle mouse button, you can not even do that)




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Hi, you are right. I didn't realize it but it could behave much better. I think we cannot fix this. Would you please RFE it?

Btw I have previously RFEd unnecessary horizontal and vertical scrollbars. Often a tiny enlargement of this popup is enough to make the scrollbars disappear. If you also happen to have those unnecessary scrollbars, please mention them in your RFE too. I was told that it may be due to my specific dual monitor setup (and some test with swapping monitors led nowhere).

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