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reapplying textures to an object textured in 3DS Max

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I'm new to houdini and i've gotten myself in some trouble where I have a model that was made and textured in 3ds Max, but I would like to know how to reattach the textures properly into houdini. exporting it an as a fbx with embedded material from 3ds max does not read in houdini.

I have all the texture files but have no idea how to go about this.

this is part of my thesis project so it needs to be done and im feeling super stuck so would really appreciate any kind of help,

ive attached a jpg of how the model should look like, the houdini file, also a file that contains the 3ds max file with all of the textures

if theres really no way of exporting it with textures from 3ds max then can you give me any kind of advice on how to start implementing the jpgs in houdini? i am familiar with texturing but very basic stuff.

ANY help or advice would be great, thanks in advance for anyone who can help. 


arc question.JPG



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Your file doesn't appear to have any materials in it. Your objects will need materials to assign the textures to in order to render. See the post here for some additional info:


You should investigate the options in the FBX Import Window (search the help docs for FBX Import)



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thank you so much for your response! that was helpful. I had to rename my texture maps and re-export the FBX. thanks again!


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