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redshift rendering - color & light mismatch

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new to redshift rendering.

why does redshift render totally different colors than the original ones in the viewport?

an example would be a simple skylight. why are the colors so off? what can i do to fix this? 

first two pictures are a simple scene of a skylight and a sphere with a redshift stereoscopic camera. the colors of the skylight in the render dont match the viewport.

second pictures: ive been working on this scene in houdini mantra. renders looked great but the time it was taking was unacceptable so I've acquired redshift and introduced the same scene to redshift. it renders a lot faster but all the colors are off. I'm in the process of switching materials. for the imported fbx materials im using this really helpful code below, and I'm recreating the standard mantra materials into redshift ones. but the main concern right now is the skylight as its affecting everything. how do i fix this?

thank you!




simple scene - skylight question.JPG

simple scene - skylight redshift render.JPG

mantra renderR.jpg

redshift renderR.jpg

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