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Transfer wire anim to bones

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Hey guys !

Let's lay out the bases. What's the big idea.
To start with, I've got some skinned mesh (a tree or something) that I want a wire sim to be applied to.
I get the bones' position and parenting information, create a polyline representation of the bones, and then send that to a wire sim.
I then need to gather the result and apply it back to the bones.

The problem is - the information from the wire sim (pos and orient) are world-space. I need them local-space to be written back onto the bones, and I need them "zero-based", so that a local translation is not applied two times, idem for rotation. Don't know how to make that conversion.

Now ! For what I've actually managed to achieve.
For the test, I've got no geometry, only very simple bones (a two-bones chain), and I got them into sops in polyline, and the sim is applied to it.
I now need to write that info to the bones. That's where I hit a wall.

Can someone help me with that ? Either by how to convert the world-space wire sim to the local-space of the bones, or by some trick with nodes (such as sticky/rivets, which is what I'm trying in the hip file). See the aforementioned for some of the tests that I did.

TL;DR : I need to transfer a wire sim (that has its initial positions from bones) to their respective bones. See hip file for current tests state.

Thanks !


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