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Replacing and storing attributes based on user input inside an Houdini Digital Asset

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I am trying to make a wall generator. A wall is divided into segments and each segment has a @windowType attribute which decides what type of window will be displayed on the wallsegment. 
The user interface will work as follows. The user has access to 2 sliders: one to select a wallsegment on which the changes will apply and a 'select new type of window' - slider, which allows the user to pick out of 5 presets. The chosen preset will be displayed on the wallsegment.

The way I got this to work was by declaring an if-statement stating:

if(wallselected == @primnum)


     @windowpreset = chi('selectNewTypeOfWindow)';


This works. But a problem occurs. When I want to select another wallsegment that I want to  change, the new preset jumps to the newly selected wallsegment, which means that the previous wallsegment (it's @windowType attribute that is) remains unchanged compared to before.
Is there a way to make sure that the preset of a wallsegment remains changed, even when the if-statement isn't applicable anymore?

I hope this is somewhat understandable. Thank you for looking into this.


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