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Selection Problems And Quiestions...


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I've got a bunch of issues with selecting components...

1. How can one stop backfacing components being added to a selection in shaded/hidden-line mode when using Box Select? If I draw a box I get both frontfacing and backfacing points/polys added to my selection...Setting up explicitly Front facing from the toolbar doesn't help. This behaviour is only with the Box select tool, the lasso for example doesn't exibit such problems.

2. Paint Select - does it only work with points? Even if I switch to Primitives selection I have to actually move over a point to select anything...of course, this way all neighboring polys are selected as well...totally useless.

Additionaly, the selection appears to be dependant on the speed I move my mouse (which is even worse)...So I have to slowly move the cursor t oselect everything...There is no Radius control (or maybe I've missed it?) and there are some strange refresh issues when the tool redraws the selection path within certain time intervals (as I paint)...

Any solutions/advice to these problems? Could it be some problem with my hardware (running a fairly old GeForce here...)?

Is it a good idea to RFE for some chages to the selection methods? Like turing the Paint into a more general tool for arbotrary components (points/primitives/edges) with varying radius (coming from XSI background I am a spoiled brat :)) Or maybe there are some improvements in H8.1?


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There is one improvement in H8.1 - a paint group sop, but its only for points I think.

Other than that selection methods are just as poor as ever. Please RFE any changes. I've moaned about poor selection tools for ever but I maybe a lone voice. The more people rfe something the more likely it is to get changed.

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