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how to disable displacement in matnet

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Hi, I try to make a enable/disable switch for displacement, instead of cutting node's connections . So far, I tried to connect 'switch node' between collect node and displaceOutputVariables and Parameters. but it does not work. 

Next, I tried' Properties > add Disable displace Shader rendering'. However, it still renders displacement. Thus how should I properly create displacement switch?


I am using copy instance after material is assigned with a "share displacement with instances" in properties. That's why disable button possibly won't work correctly...

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1 - if you want to use switch in shader, put it in between the displacement VOP and Displace Output Vars. that works.

2 - if you want to use Disable shader rendering property it will work if you add it to your ROP instead of shader. it should also work as an object property i think, but not sure about that.

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Davpe, thanks for reply.

Your method also does not work for me. I took many tests and it seem like problems are that I use packed instacing(copy node) and shaders are applied on material SOP. These combination breaks displacement switch. 

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