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Using Lines / Imported Curves as Guides for houdini hair generation

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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to import curves from Maya to Houdini to use as guide curves to generate hair. I'm a new user and I'm still quite unfamiliar with all the nodes. Can anyone suggest how to accomplish this?

Thank you!


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Ok, I think I figured it out.


I inserted an FBX file with my curves from maya into the Guide Groom node that is generated after applying the add fur tool from the shelf tools. I set the mode to use external geometry under the Guide Creation section and referenced the FBX file here. So far so good. 

However, I've been told houdini's new vellum tools are a better alternative for simulating hair? Is there any literature on vellum for hair? I've been having a hard time finding resources to acquaint myself with vellum. Anything helps, thanks!

Snapshot Houdini Hair.PNG

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