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Pinboard Expression


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I am doing pinboard tutorial and its going ok

but I have problem with one expression on page 18:

pic("/img/disp/heightOutput", $BBX, $BBY, D_CR)

is this supposed to be like this?

I have naming conventions all ok

so I dont know whats stoping it?

Is it maybe some Houdini build problem? tutorial is old and I am working in

8.1 apprentice?



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Where are you trying to reference the image from? Disk? COPs?

I suspect COPs, so in the three Color fields use:

pic("op:/img/img1/default_pic", $BBX, $BBZ, D_CR)

pic("op:/img/img1/default_pic", $BBX, $BBZ, D_CG)

pic("op:/img/img1/default_pic", $BBX, $BBZ, D_CB)

will pick up a File COP in /img/img1 network and apply it to the grid's color. The op: syntax tells Houdini to look to it's own internal heirarchy.

If the image is off of disk, just supply the exact path on disk to pick the image up.

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