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FBX export/import woes for crowd setup

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Thwarted at step 0 of trying to use the crowd pipeline with my custom agents:

Trying to use the amazing "agent from FBX feature", but so far, the rig am wrestling with does not export cleanly out of Maya.

Given a simple run cycle, I (and much smarter people than I) tried exporting a "nice" FBX to no avail.

The joints export fine, animation and all, but for whatever reason the mesh is frozen to a single frame (And that's just reloading the FBX to Maya to check the export). 

Will keep debugging the Maya side separately (This isn't a Maya forum, last I checked ;) )

Hoping someone here could shed light on a few points:

-On the Houdini side, what is the expectation from the FBX file format? how complex is the rig-skin representation? is the skin actually bound to the skeleton, or can they exist side by side? (geo cache and animated skeleton for manipulation by Houdini)

-Are there ways to export separately then re-combine in Houdini? (abc for the mesh for instance.. stick to the FBX for the joints)

Any help is much appreciated!!

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