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OpenGL ROPFetch and 'no attribute UI' error

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Not sure if this should be in 'General' or 'Tools', so let's start here... :)

Trying to get an OpenGL ROP working consistently with a ROPFetch, but keep getting bunches of this error:


AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'ui'


The pattern seems to be that the node generates X number of files, hits something that causes this error, then slows to a crawl.

If I dirty and recook the node, it recognizes the finished files on disk then does another group quickly, then hits this error again. Wash, rinse, repeat through 4,000 frames. Was hoping to use the OpenGL ROP for speedy iteration, but the errors are slowing things to a crawl.

I should add that it looks like all the files are eventually written correctly, but the python script seems to get into a weird state about certain frames as the batch render progresses.

Anyone know what's up here?




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