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Rescaling and In-Progess Project

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One of my first all-Houdini projects was done with the truly, truly stoopid thought of ‘set realism’. The narrative is centered around the transformation of a 9“ (24cm) toy, and everything was designed around the animation being on a small photo stage that fit the scale of the toy.

Initially, this worked great with the lighting look dev, shallow lens choices, etc. I started running into some issues dealing with forces for RBD effects, but those weren't too difficult to work around once I got a feel for what Houdini was expecting at thatscale.

Now I'm trying to shape particle and pyro effects onto things like fragments coming off a 9” model and I'm just getting wrecked with memory and other issues as try to get particle separation and sim division sizes to work at that scale. So, so many memory crashes over the last few days. The post-mortem for this project is basically an illustration of me firing myself…

Can anyone help me with a good strategy for rescaling the fx-heavy shots? My scene seems pretty poorly built for this: subnets with Redshift lights at the OBJ level (no choice there), animated cameras, a big mix of DOPnets, POPnets driving geo creation and animation, etc.

My first thought was just parenting everything to a null at the OBJ level and scaling it by a factor of x100. Visually, that seems to work for most things, but any geo that has been scaled that way triggers an ‘Object level scales detected. A new object has been created to convert to world space’ warning. And I've seen suggestions that SOP-level scaling is typically the best way to go for and transformations.


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