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Shaders: Offset texture edge borders are not seamlessly connected


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Hi Houdinists!

I'm in trouble because the edge boundaries of offset textures are not seamlessly connected. That is probably due to the shader.

I divided the texture with corner lamps into 9 parts.
I am applying one shader to a plane and testing whether the entire texture can be reproduced by offsetting the texture.

I'm doing well, but there was one problem.

That is, the edges of each texture are not seamless.

I don't think there is a big mistake in the mechanism, but I haven't solved the error.

Can you give us advice once you see the scene file?

Thank you!


Attached file description
Scene file: shardertest.hip
textures.jpg: For explanation. Nine textures have file names with offset numbers. The texture is in the render directory.
error1, 2.jpg: The picture when viewed as a whole. You can see that the edges are not seamless.


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