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Houdini.env: $JOB, $HIP and $HOUDINIHOME


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I'm sure this question has been asked many time, but I can't find a clear and concise answer, and SideFX tutorials either have dead url or do not respond to the question.

What I'm trying to achieve:

I want to set $JOB, $HIP and $HOUDINIHOME variables once and for all.

- Setting up $JOB and $HIP should allow me to save a lot of time every time I need to save something, as Houdini explorer will use those path as default.

- (I'm really not sure about this one) Setting up $HOUDINIHOME should allow me to have a secure place where all my preferences, hda etc are stored. I should be able to copy them easily between computers.


Where I'm stuck:

I read there are different solutions to setup those variable: changing the OS Environment Variables, with python... I just want to modify houdini.env, as it seems less intrusive.

On windows, houdini.env should be here:  C:\Users\*USERNAME*\Documents\houdini*VERSION*\houdini.env

I typed those variables:


HOUDINIHOME = "D:/Boulot/houdini"
JOB = "D:/Boulot/houdini/default"
HIP = "/scenes"
TEXTURES = "/sourceimages"

But while Houdini successfully changed $JOB, default $HIP is still the same.


Can anyone explain to me exactly how to setup those variables with houdini.env?

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I am new to this though $HIP is your current scene path. So if you save a scene somewhere else it will change to that dir.

Dont think you can set it permanently. Its used by Houdini all over the place while working.

As far as TEXTURES goes, once you have set JOB="/dir", you can type


and that would make houdini aware of $TEXTURES variable. So to load a bitmap.jpg in a shader type in


You should also add $TEXTURES to houdini browser for convenience.

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