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Alter existing rig dimensions/proportions

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Hi there!

I'm currently looking at the Houdini Cat Rigging Series, the Rigging Series (SideFx) and the Rigging Seminar (Delano Athias).

What I haven't seen so far: A way or THE way to alter the finished rigs in case the geo changes or the quad mesh needs to be fit into a dog with different proportions.

With all the dependencies in the rig, parented stuff, etc. this looks like a nightmare, doesn't it? Or is it actually quite simple and I miss something? Would be rather foolish to rebuild the stuff everytime you need it...

Wished each series would come with an additional video covering this subject.

I imagine a simple wire/curve skeleton would be great as the base for a rig to alter and the bone rig just adapts to it as soon as one is comfortable with the new rig dimensions.



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Mmmh. Just for clarification. While this isn't finished, it's close to the current needs. I create a "shadow" rig which resembles the final bone structure. I'm going to create this rig one by one afterwards, but if I need to change it's proportions, I want to alter the shadow rig and have some clever mumbo-jumbo apply this to the existing bone rig. Each "bone" does calculate it's restlength, position and orientation. it also carries it's name which is identical to the real bones name. This applies for the nulls, too.
Does some script already exists which could be altered or is this new territory?


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Hi Tom, I am on the same path as you, learning to rig. I assume that you use the Capture Pose (not a Capture Frame) ... and also I believe, that the Align Capture Pose shelf tool is made for such an additional update of an existing rig? With that tool, you can update the Capture Pose:

- alter the bones to match the "new" geometry
- run the tool and select this method "Match Capture Pose With Deform Region"
- then update the captured weights (probably you have that "Stash Node" turned on, as it is by default



I hope I am not wrong, as today it is the first time I used that tool and I don`t know much about rigging.

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