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Whitewater from external simulation

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Hi everyone,


I'm trying to use the white water solver from Houdini 17 with fluid simulated from another software. Is that possible?

Here is what I have tried so far. The external simulation is a particle simulation, so I first turn the particles into a distance vdb (named 'surface') and copied over the velocity ('vel'). Then I fed the resulting vdb to the whitewatersource node, and I was able to get the 'emit' volume and the sourced particles. But when I tried to put everything into the whitewatersolver node, it doesn't seem to like the format. I fed the result of the whitewatersource node into "Emission Source" field of the whitewatersolver and fed the distance vdb with velocity into the volume source. Am I missing something very obvious or am I on the wrong track altogether? 


Any input is appreciated! Thanks!

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