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Whitewater clustering

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Hello everyone,

          I was looking at distributed whitewater in houdini. When you click the Particle Fluids -> Distributed Particle Fludis, it creates the necessary nodes needed for clustering whitewater sim. As far as houdini help file, that is what the way is. BUt when I am doing that, it is creating a subnet node inside the whitewater sourcing node named partition_emission. It is throwing an error. There is a node inside it named intersect_box which is a VDB activate node. It has a fit and detail expression. That expression is causing the error. You can see in the screenshots what I am talking about.


Has anyone faced this issue ?

Houdini - 17.5.425.

OS : Ubuntu 19.10


Screenshot from 2019-11-09 22-42-18.png

Screenshot from 2019-11-09 22-42-25.png

Screenshot from 2019-11-09 22-42-43.png

Screenshot from 2019-11-09 22-42-50.png

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