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Applying normal maps to mesh

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Hi everybody,

I have an .obj  file of a high-res character modelled in ZBrush, with clean topology and UV all assigned. I extracted both a normal map and a displacement map also from ZBrush. I loaded the low-res character to Houdini and I was wondering what is the correct way to apply the normal map to the character. I tried the principled shader but doesn't seem to work properly. I already tried the displacement map with better results, but the viewport becomes extremely slow. Besides, I don't think I need to use the displacement map for skin detail, it overloads the render unnecessarily and the normal map should provide good results as well. I just think I'm not doing it correctly, so could anyone give me a hand with what is the proper procedure to assign a normal map to a low-res character in Houdini? 

Thank you for your time!


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