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Noise Animation Resulting in Strange Bullet-Time Effect

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I'm having some difficulty with a rig I built for an effect. It's basically a noise displacement with inputs I've rigged up to animate smoothly between different noise inputs (offset, frequency, amplitude, etc.) I'm noticing at the zones when I transition between certain "modes" I've built, that the whole animation speeds up drastically and then slows down in a kind of bullet-time effect. It's an interesting look, but I'm looking for a linear interpolation between these moments and not sure what's causing something else.

I believe it may be related to either the frequency or offset keyframes, but I'm really not sure. Attached is a video of the current movement and my hip file. The object "eeg_anim" controls everything, I have a bunch of controls setup at object level under the "Animation Attributes" tab. I use Redshift and the "opacity" sliders are attached to materials, so those may break without Redshift, but otherwise everything should be tidy. The other nodes are just outputs.


Thanks in advance for any help you all can offer!



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