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Dop+particles Help Needed


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You forgot to include the bucket geometry, but I don't think it matters.

If you want the particles to be affected by the bucket (and to stop when they hit it), then the Merge DOP has to be set to Mutual, not Left Affects Right.

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Huh. This is tricky.

First, I'm not sure why you are colliding your particles in the popnet, and then again in dops. It seems like you would just want a straight flow of particles going into the bucket, without any pre-collisions.

Second, the particles are going through because their velocity takes them too far past the bucket boundry on a given timestep. You can improve this by having smaller timesteps, which means in the dopnet->simulation tab, setting the Time Step to .5/$FPS or .25/$FPS or even less. As you can imagine, this slows things down, and it doesn't completely fix the problem. The rest of the problem is the accuracy of your bucket SDF. You might want to think about building a separate model just for getting a better volume representation. Right now, you're just getting away with it.

But I wonder how important this really is. You're using these to create metaballs and then water, and since you don't see the underside of the bucket, I wonder if it really matters if some of the "water" sticks through the bottom.

Sorry this doesn't contain the magic right answer!

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Hi Craig

Thanks for help

I will try to fix these and see what happens

The only thing that I want to get out of it is having one slider for pumping water and then bucket reacting to it

so I can render nice little scene for my reel


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