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RBD Transform Pieces


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Hi guys,

Playing with some RBD stuff for the first time and having a little trouble using the transform pieces SOP with my setup.

I'm creating geometry from scattered particles, creating a sphere proxy for my collisions and the setup all seems to work fine (although this doesn't mean i've set it up correctly). I'm bringing point transforms back in which also looks good but the transforms don't match when using the transform pieces SOP.

Probably something i'm overlooking (maybe to do with orient attribute on incoming geo) but i'm at a loss as to what at the moment. Name attribute seems to match on both so i'm not sure it's that unless setup incorrectly.

Also, the way i'm copying geometry to points means is by scattering each frame, so my transform pieces only show on their corresponding frame - a workaround for this would be great. I'm thinking a Solver SOP and merging last frame with input geo off the top of my head.

HIP file attached



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Looks like there's a bit of trouble with your setup (unless I'm confused by what you're trying to do). In particular, when you copy the pighead to your pop-points, you're copying the packed geo - so there aren't any primitives; just points being copied onto other points. When you get to the loop, you promote name from points to prims - but there are no primitives. Your loop, consequently, only runs over a single element. The main result is that every instance you spawn into the dynamics network has the same name (you can see that if you look at the fetch_transforms point data). This means transform doesn't know how to match the pieces...

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