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New rig - advice for using 3 gpu's

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I'm planning out a new rig, and will be utilizing GPU quite a bit for sim and rendering.  I'm pretty novice with hardware building, and am looking for some advice on a MB and case that could fit 3 GPU's.

660ti 3gb - Old card, but seems like it would be fine for the viewport

1070ti 8gb - for sims and rendering

1080ti or Titan RTX - TBD on which card I will get, but it will be something big for the 3rd card

This is the rest of the build I've come up with so far.  I'd like to figure out if these 3 cards would fit with this ASRock TRX40 Creator ATX sTRX4 MB and The Enthoo Primo case, or the Enthoo 719 case?





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