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Re: Volumetric Shader Help

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Its been a while since I posted here at odforce, and I am hoping the shading gurus here can proivde me some pointers on volumetric shading.

I have managed to write out a density data from maya fluids and use it in my shadeop. Problem I am struggling to get a good self shadowing volumetric look.

here are two images of the shader and it is quite obvious it isnt taking the shadow into consideration in the illuminance loop: but as long as I have an illuminance loop I am thinking the shadow must be calculated.



Another problem I am having is mixing the density information from maya with procedural noise.

If anyone here can please shed some light it would really help me.

oh btw heres an animation...


As of now I am taking code from the advanced renderman book about volumetric shaders.

Thanks in advance

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