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Black Frames with no device found error

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Hi everyone.

I'm having a problem with redshift (version 2.6) for houdini (version 17.5.425)

I use royal render, I have 3 farms that work perfectly.
But I'm having a problem with the workstation that I added to work as a farm.

The workstations start rendering and finish the job successfully, when I will see the result: black frames with the following error:no device found

In the workstation log by royal render, it shows this error:

[Redshift] Warning: No compatible GPUs detected! Rendering will be disabled!

Has anyone had this error or know the solution for this case?

Workstation setup: i7 7770, 64gb of ram, 1 GTX 1080TI.

Renderfarms: Threadripper 2990w, 96GB Ram and dual GTX 2070.

Thx for all (srry for my english)

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