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Attractorpop. Howto Make Fancy Attractions?


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So another little related question to my last, if anyone could help that would be great. Sorry if it is an obvious one, I have only recently switched to houdini and still finding my way around.

So basically I am trying to make some liquid climb up and over an object in a very specific way. I have a little animated black and white texture map moving over and around the object that the client has agreed as a little rendered animatic story board. I can get the attractor PoP and point ordering to do a similarish thing with my slime particles but I want to get really tight control over it.

Is there a quick and easy way to make attractor particles follow the Y height and frame number or maybe UV values of a map, using expressions or gradients or texture maps, in the pointSOP or PoP? Anyone ever tried anything like that before?



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