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Solaris locking usd files for writing

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We are looking into how Solaris/Usd would work for our pipeline.

One issue that we are facing is that when our lighting department uses the usd file to light it in their lighting context, the referenced usd files are locked for writing.

Simply put, usd files that are referenced on any computer is locked for modification.

This also seems to include rendering, if the files are rendered somewhere using husk, they are locked as well.

Granted, writing to files that are referenced in a current render process is not perfect, but that it's impossible seems like it's a bit of a bottleneck in the pipeline, basically diminishing it to that only one artist can work at a time.

Am i missing something or is this the intended workflow?



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i just ran into this issue as well, and I'm pretty sure this is not an intended behaviour. would like to see a solution to this, otherwise Solaris would be pretty much useless in collaborative environment.

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