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Amazing project by Robert Hodgin

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Hey there,

I discovered during random internet peregrinations this amazingly beautiful / clever / impressive project done in Houdini, by Robert Hodgin. i was so astonished by the whole concept and technical execution of it that i really wanted to share it here with you, if it can interests some people here.


It is basically a kind of imaginary generative cartography system that draw 2d detailed antique maps of imaginary rivers flowmap and their derivation with time.

I find the attention to details and the whole process totally stunning.

If i understood correctly Robert Hodgin is as well the co-creator of the cinder programming framework. Don't hesitate to check his other works on his website, it's full of super interesting ideas :)


(I did not know in which rubric to post this exactly, feel free to move it if needed.)

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Hey Nicolas,

Thanks for the kind words! This was a labor of love for sure. Worked on it, off and on, for about 2 years. Kept finding and making roadblocks and distractions. I want to revisit it shortly and make a series of unique prints. Hopefully sooner than later.


And thanks to you for teaching me the word "peregrinations".

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Ha, what a good surprise to see you here Robert!

I'm more than curious to see the serie of prints you want to make out of this project, looking forward!

Glad for "peregrinations", when you said this, i was thinking i did another of my wild "englishification of french words" and needed to double check to be sure it is existing in English too :) 

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