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unexpected result from roughness map

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Hi all,

First post on here on Odforce, hope someone can help me out.
I've been using noises in the material network before to pipe them into parameters however; I got an unexpected result today.

I've included a screenshot of the graph (just simple aaflownoise -> fit(noise,-0.5,0.5,0.25,0.35); -> roughness parameter) but got an extremely long and grainy render that was also a lot too light (the lightest frame I included).
The other two frames are with roughness just set to 0.3 on the principled shader itself (The darker one has all other settings in the project exactly the same, the lighter one I bumped up the env light a bit).

Feel like I'm missing something here. What's going on?

Thanks in advance!

Screenshot 2020-09-10 at 20.53.27.pngActive_Render.0001.0.pngActive_Render.0001.1.png


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Re-arranging images so nodes are on top.

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