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Heightfield Paint pscale?

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Hey fellow Houdini artists!

I'm a long time Max and Maya user and I'm now learning Houdini.  I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to use heightfield paint or heightfield draw mask to store values that I can later use to affect the pscale of objects in a heightfield scatter.

For example I'd like to scatter bushes on a landscape.  I want each point to get a random pscale factor still...Like between 0.5 and 1.5.  However, I then want to multiply that value by another masks value that I can paint.  This way I could increase or decrease the general size of the pscale in the areas I've painted.  This would allow me to create taller bushes in some areas or smaller bushes in other areas.  This seems fairly straight forward to do with scatter, copy to points and attribute paint nodes if I'm not using heightfields.  However, I'd like to do this with heightfields and heightfield scatters

Is something like this possible? 


Tim J

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Hi Tim, no time to try but just a thought, you can use masks to drive colors of your final geometry, so that means you can have attributes on the convert heighfield node output to drive your scatter points via attribute transfer node. I would need to sit down and try, but I am pretty sure this can be solved without a problem. 

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