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Filip Sivák

Wedging across frames in TOPs

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Hello everyone!

I'm programmer starting in Houdini 17.5 and it's very confusing to me. I'm familiar with hadoop/spark, which is kind of similar to TOP. But boy, is TOP confusing to me!

What I want to achieve:

I a have geometry node dependent on time (for each frame, it loads Alembic from file sequence, processes it and stores again alembic). I'd like to parallelize this (the frames are independent). Local scheduler is fine (I have many cores on single machine and a lot of memory to spare).

My tactics for achieving that:

Create a TOP network:


  1. Wedge over frames to create work item for each frame
  2. Run geometry import with Frame = work item frame
  3. Run ROP Alembic Output for each work item

The problem starts in step 1, where I do not know how to generate work items with different frames. In other words, I want to wedge across frames but cannot. I've tried to change the attribute to "pdg_frame", but the frame was still 0:


Additional questions on TOPs:

  1. How do I debug which attributes are on work items? If I wedge across "MyAttribute", I cannot see it anywhere (info, task graph table), but if I export it as CSV Output, I can see it exists.

Thank you all for your time!


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I've figured out that in order to see which attributes are on work item, all I need to do is right click the task and choose "Task info":


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