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Extract Alembic Data from file with API

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Hey guys,

I hope everyone is doing well !

I'm trying to use the houdini alembic API. I want to extract point positions directly with API and store them in detail attribute. I juste need the positions for mathematical opreations and as I'll have to deal with dozens (possibly hundreds) of shapes with millions of points, I want to avoid drawing anything I don't need in the viewport that would end in slowing down the viewport drastically.

I'm trying to use this code but I can't find the right name for positions. 

If someone as an idea, it would be greatly appreciated !

Thanks !

import _alembic_hom_extensions as abc
filePath = '/path/to/alembic.abc'
objectPath = '/hierarchy/to/myMeshShape'
positions = abc.alembicArbGeometry(filePath, objectPath, 'P', 0)
# result : ([], False, 'unknown')


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