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Recaching Houdini particles in Maya and getting attributes to carry over


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Using Engine I have been able to import a particle cache into Maya just fine. Scale and color came through and were easily applied in Arnold. However, I need to recache the particles as a Maya nParticle cache to hand it off to someone else not using Houdini Engine. I can get it to cache the general position/lifespan, but it doesn't appear that any color/scale(radiusPP)/alpha(/transparency) information is in the re-cache. How can I make sure those attributes make it through to the nParticles (re)cache?


Thanks for any help!

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Alrighty, I think I've found it, in case anyone else has this issue: When you create the new nParticles to attach the cache to you must first create the PP attributes. Then when you attach the (pre-existing) nCache it appears to read them in automatically. (I saw this on a separate thread, it just took a little toying about before I could make it happen in my own life.)

Just hoping to be of service, because knowing is half the battle.

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