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TOPS PDG Imagemagick Sequences in Montage


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Hey Guys,

Finally getting around to really dig into Tops and PDG .. love it .. but i am having some trouble wrapping my brain around a problem.

I am doing my own obligatory random rock generator and rendering 24 frame Arnold turntables of each rock. 

This is all working. 

The output looks like ...


example :


Currently I have 73 rock variantions each with its own 24 frame turntable.

My goal is to turn these image sequences into a contact sheet image sequences that shows all the variants playing on the same page.

I dont know how to setup the partitioning to read each variant etc. The only result I am getting so far is each frame of the montage showing me the 24 frame turntable of each rock.

Here is an example ... you can see instead of having the variants next to each other .. its a single rock with each frame of its turntable.

PLEASE .. any help at all would rock (ewwww bad pun)




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