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Houdini HDK SOP CGAL Geodesic Shortest Path(SOP Compilable) (updated)


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Youtube Dome:  https://youtu.be/dr50dKeyD0Y
Selling Link: https://gum.co/WdgZe


This SOP(support SOP compilable) can generate geodesic shortest between sources and targets, and both sources and targets can be points on faces(can be specified by primnum and primuv attribute) or just a point.

Instruction and example file are also provided.


1. When there is only one input, the input0 will be treat as both surface and source point

2. When there are two input, the input0 will be source points and input1 will be surface, and if toggle<uselocattrib> is off, then this sop will auotmatically calculate input0's closest points on the input1, and use these closest points to represent the input0's points and calculate the geodesic shortest path

3. If you want to use the "scatter" sop's attribute to specify the location on the input1, turn on the toggle<uselocattrib>, but make sure that the input1 has been triangulated, otherwise the location may be wrong.

4. This SOP will automatically triangulate and convex the surface geometry, then calculating.


If you have paid, you could get further update to support the latest production-ready houdini version for free from me (Houdini 18.5.499 or newer on Windows).

if you have paid and there is any issue of installation and bugs, email me or comment on youtube(https://youtu.be/1M_91J7Th0M), you will get help.




Screenshot 2021-03-13 183921.jpg

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On 2021/3/11 at 3:28 PM, Jason said:

That looks like it provides nice results, although without many options to modify behaviour.

Yes, I have updated this sop that much more options have been added to control the behaviour

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