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Radial grain with RBD Material Fracture SOP


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Hi All,

Relative noob here looking for a way I might fracture a cylindrical piece of geometry to look like broken/splintered branch.

Following Varomix's otherwise very informative tutorial ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Er9BDDzZHQ ) I can control other aspects of the grain and clustering, but in my case it would be ideal to be able to fracture radially along the y-axis of the cylinder, along the lines of the 'glass' preset, while also being able to do the 'splinter' fractures that bisect along the x and z, which the 'wood' preset allows.

Per the screenshot attached, I more or less get the splintering I'm after but grain only slices along a single axis which I'm hoping to make look more radial.


Does anyone have any tips for something like this? Would it make sense to run 2 RBD-Material-Fracture nodes one on top of the other, to get both types of fractures? Or is there another SOP or combo of SOPs that could hand

Many thanks!




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